Our firm helps you to find the ideal place of residence, the real estate asset that meets your needs best and the country with the best tax policy combined with a living environment that suits you.   We help you with your tax and physical residence and guide you through any administrative and practical problems that may arise with a change of tax residence and/or a change of nationality.  

Moreover, we also assist with the following services;

  • Immigration / change of residence procedures
  • Finding a piece of real estate that suits your needs & lease negotiation.
  • Finding a removal company
  • Compulsory insurance policies (health, house and contents, car…)
  • Getting in touch with a local bank and personal account manager
  • Mandatory administrative registration procedures
  • Change of driver’s licence
  • Importing vehicles and changing their number plates
  • Signing up with local utilities (electricity, telephone…)
  • Transporting your pets
  • Choosing the right schools e for your children and helping with the enrollment.
Acquiring a property in Mauritius

In 2002, the Investment Promotion Act was enacted in Mauritius, with a view to allow foreign nationals to purchase real estate.

There are two types of investments offered to foreigners;

the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) andthe Real Estate Scheme (RES).

The IRS targets the high-end segment of the international property market. Under this scheme, luxury villas can be sold freehold at a minimum price of 500,000 USD to foreigners and are often accompanied by extensive and high-class leisure and recreational facilities such as gold courses, marinas or wellness centres. The acquisition of a villa under the IRS grants resident status to the investor, his spouse and dependents. A residence permit granted under the IRS remains valid until such time as the non-citizen holds immovable property in Mauritius under this scheme.

The RES was introduced in 2007, allowing for residential units (villas, houses, penthouses, apartments) to be sold to non-citizens at no minimum price. The RES is targeted to investors, retirees and professionals who want to invest, work or live in Mauritius or wish to have a second home or holiday retreat in Mauritius. The acquisition of a RES property worth at least 500,000 USD will also entitle its owner to a residence permit. 

A residential property may be acquired from a RES / IRS company by a citizen of Mauritius, a non-citizen, a local or foreign company incorporated under the Companies Act, a Société or a trust. Entities holding a Global Business Licence cannot acquire property under the RES or IRS.



  • Work and Residence Permit
  • Office Set-up
  • Family Relocation
  • In today’s world, being able to capture business opportunities often requires a company to be able to move its key personnel around with minimal disturbance. We understand this requirement and thus have developed dedicated services to help our clients in their task of relocating their personnel abroad. We use our knowledge of local rules and regulations to help the staff of our clients apply for work and residence permits wherever required.  We will follow up the applications with the local authorities and on obtaining the necessary work and residence permits also help with the practical requirements for a smooth relocation of the personnel and their families.


    An occupational work permit allows a foreigner to reside and work in Mauritius and can be obtained as an Investor, a Professional or Self Employed. The following conditions apply:


    Three Year Permit

    Permanent – 10 years

    INVESTORThe proposed business activity should generate an annual turnover
    exceeding MUR 4 million, with an initial investment of USD 100,000.
    An annual turnover for three consecutive
    years exceeding MUR 15 million
    PROFESSIONALThe basic monthly salary of a professional should exceed MUR 45,000, and those in the ICT sector should exceed MUR 30,000.The basic monthly salary earned of at least MUR 150,000 for the period of three consecutive years
    SELF EMPLOYEDThe annual income of the proposed business activity should exceed MUR600,000 with an initial investment of USD35,000.An annual turnover of the business which exceeded MUR3 million for the first three years

    Permanent residence (valid for ten years) allows a person to acquire property on the island, other than through the IRS schemes or RES.

    ACCPlus has designed a serviced office concept to match the needs of its clients and help them grow their presence within the jurisdiction. The offices are located in the same building as ACCPlus  main office in Mauritius, situated in the heart of a buoyant and highly attractive business district. It is also close to the international banks and the leading auditors.

    The building is gated with 24 hour security and parking is available on site. The offices are fully furnished and equipped with personal phones, email, internet facilities and Wi-Fi. There are additional services such as receptionist, messenger and courier services. The building also caters for first class meeting rooms, a corporate board room, a modern gym, and catering and shared kitchen facilities.

    Relocation can be exciting but has the potential of being very stressful. Whether you are an employer needing help with a corporate move or an individual looking for assistance with moving your family, ACCPlus will assist you by providing dedicated assistance to employers as well as relocating families.

    ACCPlus will assist you to either rent a house or otherwise purchase an apartment or a villa . We can also help you to find the best schools/colleges for your children..
    ACCPlus can also assist you with the clearing of your personal belongings through customs and ensuring that they reach your new place of residence safely.

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