Company Formation

Our experienced professionals take care of any aspects of your company formation & secretarial work. 

We can assist you with company formations for;

      • A tailor made company;
      • Limited Liability Partnership;
      • Trusts & Foundations
      • Domestic companies
      • Offshore companies GBC 1 & GBC 2 or IBCs in low tax jurisdictions.

Our Company formation packages can include...

    • Advice on the pros and cons of incorporation in your own situation;
    • Appointment of directors;
    • Appointment of company secretary;
    • Registered office services;
    • Completion of all necessary minutes and resolutions;
    • Assistance in opening a bank account;
    • Tax review with regard to company formation
    • VAT registration;
    • Registration of the company with the MRA for TAN
    • Set up of Company PAYE scheme;
    • Book-keeping set-up advice;
    • Business plans;
    • Assistance with raising finance.


  • Company Secretarial
  • Share capital services
  • Virtual Office
  • We can help you with the maze of regulation and the myriad tasks required conforming to the rules of company ownership and administration such as share transfers, company registrations and liquidations.

    • Changing directors of companies and Shareholders
    • Company conversions/migrations
    • Changing company names
    • Submission of company annual duty
    • Increasing, converting, subdividing or consolidating share capital and the redemption and repurchase of shares
    • Making changes to Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Providing a compliance service to company secretaries and companies
    • Writing minutes for clients or review their drafts
    • Preparing Share Certificates & documents to effect share transfers and allotment of shares
    • Maintenance of statutory registers and dealing with returns to the Registrar of Companies
    • Change of financial year-ends
    • Company secretarial audits
    • Assisting with the registration of a mortgage or charge for company and keeping of all  statutory registers/ compliance
    • Assist with meetings of Board of Directors and Board committees by preparing the meeting agenda, taking minutes, recording decisions and drafting policy documents.
    • Giving notice of General Meetings & drafting of Agendas
    • Assist with annual shareholders meeting in the preparation of proxy material and by acting as a liaison with transfer agent, and provide scrutineer services at shareholder meetings.
    • Provide governance advice to directors and management team regarding current, new and prospective regulatory issues and orientate new directors.

    Different Share Classes

    Companies may decide to issue these to give special rights to different classes of shareholders.

    Reduction of share capital

    A private company can reduce its issued share capital by special resolution supported by a solvency statement.

    Share transfers

    For expert help with documenting share transfers and transmissions or drafting bespoke transfer articles.

    Preference and redeemable shares

    Preference shares give the holder priority when dividends and capital are paid. Redeemable shares may entitle the holder to have their capital repaid on specific dates or by notice.

    Purchase of own shares

    A purchase of shares is commonly used by companies to return surplus cash to shareholders, provide an exit route for a shareholder or following the death of a shareholder.

    Share for share exchange

    Shareholders in one company exchange shares in another company.

    Other share capital services

    We can help with share issues, including rights issues and bonus issues, sub-division or consolidation of shares.

    AACPlus provides any type of local office function in Mauritius that is of either a front or back office nature to enable you to operate efficiently offshore.   

    Our Virtual Office Services enable you to have a local point of contact in Mauritius for you to enjoy all the benefits for a permanent office without the need to be actually there.

    Our Virtual office services include:

    • Provision of Business office address,
    • Mail collection and forwarding i.e. sent in regular interval at your chosen address or scanned and sent to your e-mail address in JPG format,
    • Automatic call handling to enable to redirect your call to wherever you are in the world.
    • Telephone answering in your name by our experience telephone operators and dedicated fax  and e-mail handling services
    • Provision of designated secretary to take the phone messages in your company names and forward the written messages according to your instruction.  

    Provision of corporate e-mail and website

    We have a well developed IT & telecommunications infrastructure,(hardware, software and networks), to execute back office outsourcing functions.  We have a computer network equipped with specialized software capable of communicating electronically with any entity around the world and to administer their business processes in a secured and cost effective manner.

    We use and refine proven methodologies that maintain control of every detail of the outsourced programme, its processes, technology and performance as well as the transition itself.


    We handle the following outsourced business processes:

    • Multi-currency Bookkeeping and accounts preparation
    • Client data management, updating nominal/general ledger accounts
    • Process services outsourcing, that is payroll processing, time sheet management
    • Companies and trust accounting including multi- currency, general ledger and investment double-entry accounting
    • Company secretarial works including preparation and maintenance of minutes books
    • Database entry and management
    • Preparation of statutory documentation (Register of directors, shareholders, annual returns etc 
    • Expatriate personnel support services
    • International payrolls, particularly for marine/technical personnel
    • Management of payrolls encompassing the entire salary payment function form data capture and processing through to credit control, timely  payment in virtually any currency, pay slip production and posting and financial reporting.
    • Re-invoicing services 

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