Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you:

  • buying another company or business?
  • selling some or all of your own business?
  • effecting a group-wide buy and build strategy?
  • fulfilling your exit strategy by taking your business through a management buyout, public offering or trade sale?
  • a professional advisor helping your client to achieve one of the above?

We can help you through some or all of the transaction, working within your time and budget constraints.  Whether your require support with a management buyout, an acquisition, the purchase of a business out of insolvency or a disposal of your business to a trade competitor, we will provide you with as much or as little advice and support as you require.


  • Business Acquisitions
  • Business re-organisations
  • Joint Venture
  • ACCPlus offers a business acquisition service designed to locate the strategic business partners for optimum results.

    We identify sellers  by using a variety of business intelligence resources and our relationships in the M&A community and ensuring Client’s exclusivity.

    The benefits include:

    • A greater quantity and higher quality of acquisition prospects
    • Unlocking hidden opportunities
    • Exclusive sector search
    • Reduced research and transaction management time
    • Increased success rates
    • Optimised deal value
    • Increased shareholder value and market share

    Our methods includes:

    • Research and Introduce – suitable for those who have the internal resource and expertise to negotiate a transaction through to completion.
    • Lead Advisory Service – aimed at clients who would benefit from ACCPlus’s negotiation mastery to create transaction value and project manage the acquisition to successful completion.

    ACCPlus also offer funding and acquisition integration support.

    Restructuring your share capital

    Looking to re-organise your business or adjust your corporate group structure?  You may be looking to do this for tax, succession planning, income generation or general good corporate governance reasons.

    You may also wish to restructure the share capital in order to:

    • release surplus capital
    • release equity
    • pay dividends (cash or in specie)
    • reduce losses
    • structure an exit for a particular shareholder
    • issue bonus shares to shareholders
    • raise capital by way of a fresh issue of shares
    • consolidate or sub-divide share capital

    We can advise and provide the relevant documentation.

    If you are forced to restructure your business due to financial difficulties, we can introduce you to specialist insolvency practitioners who’ll work with us to bring you the best outcome.

    A joint venture arrangement can include joint venture companies, strategic alliances, limited or unlimited partnerships. It can feature collaboration and/or co-operation agreements with each of the parties to the joint venture bringing a different “asset” to the party. Experience has shown that to be successful, these arrangements must be based on mutual trust with all concerned being mindful of the commercial objectives of the other.

    The main bulk of the arrangement should be captured in a shareholders’ or joint venture agreement. This sets out the terms of the legal relationship between the shareholders or the joint venturers and, where relevant, the company, on matters which are not adequately dealt with by company law. A typical agreement will cover:

    • principles of business conduct
    • minority protection
    • stakeholder protections
    • voting or veto rights on key business decisions
    • an agreed business plan
    • finance obligations
    • guarantee obligations
    • profit sharing
    • non-compete covenants
    • exit plan
    • for project based joint ventures – what happens at the end of the project
    • dispute resolution arrangements

    We can advise on what to include and why, and produce the documentation you require. If you need help setting up your joint venture including guidance on structure, protection for a minority, methods of funding or other commercial or legal issues, together with the documentation required, let us help.

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