We guide and advise you throughout the Business Development Process, and make sure your business is set up in the right way, from the start.  We can help you with the initial starting-up, the Business Development, Organisational design and Business Process Re-design.

Our New Start-Up Business experts have specialist skills and qualifications in the following areas to provide you with the very best service and results possible:

•    Business start up advice and Strategy
•    Financial Planning
•    Brand assessment
•    Marketing assessment
•    Sales review
•    Setting clear future vision, direction, goals and deliverables
•    Identifying new and fresh business opportunities
•    Enhancing current process, procedures and general ways of working to increase profitability, efficiency and  overall effectiveness
•    Review company finances and providing recommendations if required
•    Review of Training & Development
•    Staff engagement, culture, problems and performance
•    Owner / Executive / Managerial Coaching & Mentoring Programs
•    Future Growth & Expansion Planning


Business Development Services

Our Business Development Services includes Assistance with drafting of business plans, project appraisals and the following:

  • Project appraisal/feasibility check
  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Business plans for bank loan application
  • Management accounts
  • Raising capital, Business strategy and more


Organisational Design

Using a proven methodology that focuses on identifying core capabilities and evaluating alternate models, our  team helps client design and implement new models and improved ways of working.

Common client issues:

  • Inappropriate size and balance of teams making them difficult to manage effectively.
  • Unclear roles & responsibilities within teams and interfaces.
  • Duplicated skills and activities across functions and geographies.

How our  team can help:

  • Proven methodologies and expertise to analyse and improve operating models and organisation structures.
  • Amalgamation of departments – setting up a Shared Service Centre requires best practice organisational design & implementation.

Benefits to our clients:

  • Comprehensive, focused analysis of current structures including strengths and weaknesses.
  • Key requirements of new organisation design addressed including good practice design principles.
  • Provide definition around HQ and local ‘ways of working’.


Business Process Redesign

By systematically assessing the current state of our client’s business processes, our  team identify areas of weakness and work with clients to prioritise improvement opportunities and plan implementation.

A significant proportion of our engagements involve assessing and recommending options for improvements in business processes and functions.

Common client issues:

  • Inefficient or high cost processes.
  • Known control weaknesses with staff fire-fighting issues.
  • Inability to meet reporting deadlines (internal or external).

How our team can help:

  • Rigorous analysis with clear end-to-end process mapping and analysis.
  • Rapid assessments and solution development using proven methodologies and expertise.
  • Practical and achievable improvement plans.

Benefits to our clients:

  • Streamlined processes that reduce costs and improve control.
  • Buy-in to the initiatives agreed through effective communication and consultation.
  • Continuous improvement embedded into new process

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